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Brush Clearing Services

Whether you are trying to sell a piece of land or want to beautify and maximize the land you have, our brush clearing services can help you reach your goals within your budget. We clear brush using equipment capable of devouring some of the low-country’s thickest brush, smaller trees and saplings, thickets, thorny brush, invasive species, and extremely high and thick grasses.

What are the Benefits of Brush Clearing?

There are 4 obvious benefits to brush clearing:

1-Increases your land value: brush clearing beautifies your land for use as well as resale.

  • Real Estate – Preparing to Put Your Parcel on the Market
  • Improved Marsh and Pond Views
  • Clearing for a Flower or Vegetable Garden

2-Saves Time: What normally would take one week or months to accomplish with hand tools takes only 1-4 hours with the brush clearing services provided by Green Gorilla Lawnscapes.

3-Eco-friendly: green materials are neutralized creating a healthy, natural ground cover slowing future weed and sapling growth while feeding the surrounding trees you choose to save. You will not have to burn large piles of brush that damage the atmosphere.

4-Saves Money: brush clearing eliminates the need to pay for hauling off material.

Before and After Pictures of Brush Clearing

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Market Sale Land Preparation Before Market Sale Land Preparation After

Real Estate Clearing for Quick Sale

What’s the difference between brush clearing and forestry mulching?


Both brush clearing and forestry mulching have their purposes and functions for clearing and reclaiming your property.  Because neither uses chemicals to kill vegetation, both are good for the environment. Brush clearing and forestry mulching beautify your property while making it more usable for things like games, picnics, grilling, sports, hunting, and play. Both save you money because you don’t have to haul off debris while increasing the value of your property. 


Brush cutting and forestry mulching differ in several ways including where each can be applied and the desired end results. The end product between brush cutting and forestry mulching differ in that forestry mulching provides the customer with a finer end product closer to garden mulch. Brush cutting leaves a thicker end product, referred to as “slash”, on the ground (that eventually decomposes into the soil). Additionally, a brush cutter cuts trees and does not grind their stumps. In contrast, our forestry mulching tool grinds stumps down to 1” below ground surface level. Ultimately, the equipment selected to accomplish the customer’s mission varies based on what the customer requests and their desired end-states. 

Example of Brush Clearing:

Brush cutting applications are most common when reclaiming an overgrown area on your land, fields or pastures that have been occupied with thick vegetation for months or years to include saplings upwards of 2-4 inches and thorny type brush.  Our brush cutter can also cut trees with trunks up to 12 inches in diameter.



Frequently Asked Questions About Brush Clearing

1-Does the brush you clear grow back?

In South Carolina brush will always grow back.  However, with the equipment we use, the brush will return more slowly and thinner.  If the property is unoccupied, we recommend a maintenance plan 6-9 months down the road.  We have many customers whose property we maintain because they live both in and out of state and have purchased land here in the low country.


2-When is the best time of year to clear brush?

You can clear brush at any time of year. However, I would recommend the fall and winter months while the brush and invasive trees are dormant. This also allows exposed or vulnerable root systems to weaken or die off during the colder months.


3-How do you know where my property line is?

I use a GPS-aided device that helps me navigate through thick brush and stay on target with property boundaries and lines, landmarks, etc.


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