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Forestry Mulching to Beautify and Nourish Your Lands

Green Gorilla Lawnscapes, LLC offers services to help you regain control over your property including brush clearing, forestry mulching, and mowing. Whether you are trying to sell a piece of land or want to beautify and maximize the land you have, we can help you reach your goals within your budget.

Forestry Mulching

How long would it take you to clear this area by hand?

How much do you value your time, hands, and back?

In this 20-second video, Dan easily completes hours of backbreaking work leaving behind mulched greenery that doesn’t need to be burned or carted away.

Be good to yourself; be good to the environment.

Forestry mulching is a method of clearing land or reclaiming your property where we utilize a high-powered tracked machine on a high flow hydraulic system to cut, grind, and clear (or mulch up) unwanted trees and heavier or thicker vegetation.  

This method of attack against undesirable vegetation (brush, trees, downed branches, stumps, etc.) is accomplished effectively and efficiently with a high-powered Fecon rotary drum forestry mulcher (seen in the video here) armed with steel teeth or chipper tools and blades in order to shred, cut, and grind vegetation to a fine material on the ground similar to bags of garden mulch purchased at stores. 

Forestry mulching turns the unwanted vegetation into mulch and mechanically and evenly spreads the mulch over the areas being cleared.  This even spread of mulch helps prevent erosion while simultaneously protecting, replenishing, fertilizing and preserving the topsoil layer(s) of the ground.  This method also eliminates the need for cutting trees down and dealing with stumps, piling up brush, burning and hauling off material, and disturbing the earth by digging holes to pop trees out of the ground.

Most importantly, forestry mulching reduces collateral damage to any trees you want to preserve within close proximity of where the mulching is being accomplished.  


Forestry mulching applies best when you want to grind down and process undesirable or invasive trees and larger vegetative material to ground level.  If there is a grouping of invasive trees on your land, downed branches, dead trees still standing, etc, forestry mulching would be the better choice because it can handle tree trunks of 6″ – 10″ in diameter. It also provides a cleaner “finished” look or appearance.   

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