Land Management in Charleston County, Beaufort, and Lady’s Island

Land Management 
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land management exposes a marsh view!

These James Island property owners had no view of the marsh they’d paid for. After Dan got busy clearing it, they had a full view or the marsh and increased their property value to boot.

private homeowner

Homeowner Backyard cleanup

This is a private homeowner’s yard in Charleston County that was overgrown along the fence. Dan used forestry mulching equipment to remove all of the overgrowth and mulched weed trees and stumps of less than 8 inches down to the ground for a smooth, even end result. You can learn more about forestry mulching HERE.

Fence line before brush clearing. Fence line after brush clearing.

Before and After Yard View

Before and After Fence Line Clearing


Brush Clearing for New Construction

Dan completed this job for a new church being built in North Charleston. The Pastor needed it cleared in order for his architect to get in there and mark out areas to build.


Market Sale Land Preparation

This lot was on the market for months until the realtor contacted Dan to clear it.  After Dan applied his skills, a contract was written in less than 72 hours. 
Market Sale Land Preparation Before Market Sale Land Preparation After

Real Estate Clearing for Quick Sale


Brush Clearing Helps You Reclaim & Extend Your Yard

These homeowners’ property line in Charleston County extended far into the wooded area. They wanted a cleaner space and prettier view. Dan completed his brush clearing in just a few hours. Drag the slider to see the before an after photos.

Now, there is room for a picnic area, corn hole and other family and friend games when you get together.


Clearing Public Spaces and Government-owned Lands


Allee of trees before brush cutting. Allee of trees after path is cleared with brush cutting machinery.

Allee of Trees

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